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Alex Peck, Student

I took group classes for years, but I struggled with timing and other issues. Then I started taking private lessons with Melanie. She stresses the fundamentals. She corrected my basic step, and is currently teaching me timing, weight transfer, and body movement. She really knows music and explains how to find the beat and hear the clave. It is a pleasure to learn from her because she is very sweet and funny. Dancing is a journey and I am really happy to be walking it with Melanie!

Salsa On2 Basics & Fundamentals

Everything you need to know to get you dancing with or without a partner.






Salsa On2 Shines

Footwork combinations you can use for your social dancing.




Salsa On2 Shine Workshops

Personal recordings of my LIVEmonthly

Salsa On2 Shine Workshops.

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Open Level, footwork combinations, focused on timing, rhythm, and musicality.

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