Salsa On2 Shines

My Salsa On2 Shines video collection contains a variety of shine combinations for all levels.

Get familiar and comfortable with some of the most common shines and footwork sequences used on the dance floor. These videos are intended to give you material to learn and practice and eventually incorporate into your social dancing.


Clemence Derival, Student

I’ve known/been dancing with Melanie for almost 10 years, and there is still so much more I can learn from her. Her commitment to her students and her craft is boundless. From her teaching style in different genres, to her explanation of timing, musicality, and body movement, down to the simple breakdown of the basic step is unparalleled. Melanie’s drive to pass down her knowledge for music and dance not only makes her an amazing teacher, but also a great mentor. I would not be the dancer I am today without her. It has truly been a blessing learning from such an extraordinary, versatile instructor and friend.

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Salsa On2 shines

video Collection

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