Salsa On2 Shines Workshop

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Each and every month, I host a Salsa On2 Shines Workshop.

Focusing on the rhythmic nature of Salsa music and dance, we talk timing, rhythm, and musicality.

This is an open level class (not for the absolute beginner) designed to get you to be able to flow naturally with various styles of Salsa music.

The ultimate goal is to build confidence and get a fresh perspective in how we incorporate footwork and rhythm into our social dancing.

Julissa Hernandez, Latin Dance Instructor

Working with Melanie over the years has been a great experience for me. Her knowledge about dance, specifically the Mambo style, is unparalleled. The preciseness in her teachings is a breath of fresh air. The clarity in her movements is a benchmark for aspiring dancers. Amongst so many fly by night instructors and self titles “masters”, I can say without a doubt that she is the real deal. A true gem in the Latin dancing community. Looking forward to many more years of her sharing her gift with us.


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020

Salsa On2 Shines Workshop

1-2:30pm EST. / $10


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