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Dancer. Instructor. Choreographer.

Melanie Castillo

Carla Spallarossa, Student


Two words come to mind: Gratitude and Excitement. My first class with her was a workshop she was teaching at the New York International Salsa Congress. I had already been dancing for a few years, but during that class, the way she explained a particular topic, caused a game changing moment in my dancing.

Ever since, I have always looked forward to continue learning from her. She is an excellent instructor with a unique style, great energy, and a keen eye for detail. She explains technique in a way that helps me understand musicality, body mechanics, and how to move organically. Her body movement drills and dance combinations are all with a purpose, which makes them challenging and interesting to work through.

I can see the progress in my dancing and how I am able to express myself with more confidence. I am very grateful for Melanie’s knowledge and guidance. I recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve a higher level in their expression and dancing.


About Me

With over 10 years in the Latin dance community, New York native, Melanie Castillo has built a global following performing, competing, and teaching.
Specializing in Salsa, her dance career has taken her around the world, visiting countries such as Mexico, Canada, China, Malaysia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and countless others.
With several titles under her belt, Melanie has worked with many dancers and studios in providing them the tools necessary to learn, grow and thrive. Contributing to the growth of the Latin dance community has been a motivator in pushing her mission and passion forward.


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